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    Meguiar's Duo Twist Drying Towel

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    Product description

    Meguiar's Duo Twist Drying Towel

    The Duo Twist Drying Towel from Meguiar's is a powerful and highly absorbent drying towel, with an impressive 1200gsm microfiber. The Duo Twist microfibers make this cloth very suitable for effectively absorbing moisture, and the cloth feels exceptionally soft. Safe on all types of paint, thanks to the high-quality composition of microfiber (87% polyester & 13% polyamide).

    The thick structure of 1200gsm and the XL size of 50cm x 90cm ensure that you can quickly and efficiently dry vehicles of any size with one cloth. Add this Meguiar's Duo Twist Drying Towel to your collection for an effortless and professional drying experience.

    Dimensions and weight:

    Height: 50 cm

    Width: 90 cm

    Depth: 1 cm

    Weight: 0.03kg

    How do you use the Soft Buff Applicator Pad from Meguiar's ?

    1. Preparation:

      • Make sure the vehicle has been washed recently.
      • Unfold the Duo Twist Drying Towel and prepare it for use.
    2. To dry:

      • Place the cloth on the wet surface you want to dry.
      • Wipe gently with the Duo Twist microfibers to effectively absorb moisture.
      • Turn the cloth over to a dry area for optimal drying.
    3. Finish:

      • Check the surface for any remaining water droplets.
      • If necessary, repeat the drying process until the vehicle is completely dry.
    4. Maintenance:

      • After use, wash the Duo Twist Drying Towel according to the recommended washing instructions.
      • Store the cloth in a clean and dry place for future use.

    Enjoy a fast, efficient and safe drying experience for vehicles of all sizes with Meguiar's Duo Twist Drying Towel. The high-quality microfiber composition and the XL size make this cloth a valuable addition to your car cleaning arsenal.

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    Meguiar's Duo Twist Drying Towel

    €29,99 EUR

    Ordered before 12 noon, shipped the same day!

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