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    Butterfly Sticker

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    Product description

    Sticker butterfly

    This striking butterfly sticker adds a touch of natural elegance and personality to your car, making it immediately eye-catching.

    We also offer different sticker sizes so you can choose the perfect size that fits your vehicle seamlessly. Applying the sticker is effortless and requires no complicated steps, thanks to the clear instructions that come with the sticker.

    Our Butterfly Car Sticker is made from high-quality vinyl, which means it can withstand the elements and remain beautiful for a long time, even in various weather conditions. You can trust that this sticker will continue to look great.

    Whether you want to add a subtle decoration to your car or make a bold statement, our Butterfly Car Sticker provides space for personal expression, helping you set your vehicle apart from the rest. Turn your car into a stylish and unique eye-catcher with the Butterfly Car Sticker from Boldons. Order today and upgrade your vehicle with this beautiful and versatile sticker, which will attract admiring looks wherever you go.

    Dimensions and weight:

    The dimensions differ. These can be found in the different options.

    Weight: 10 grams

    To colour):

    Black and white

    YouTube - How to video:

    How do you install the sticker?

    Step-by-step guide to sticking the butterfly sticker:

    1. Choose the ideal location: Find a smooth surface on which you want to apply the sticker. Make sure it is clean and dry for better adhesion.
    2. Preparation: Before you start, it is important to carefully remove the protective layer. This thin layer protects the adhesive side of the sticker and must be peeled off before applying the sticker.
    3. Paste: Position the sticker in the desired location and make sure it is properly aligned. Start from the center and then gently iron the sticker outwards so that no air bubbles or wrinkles are created.
    4. Press Firmly: Once the decal is in place, press firmly over the entire surface to ensure good adhesion.
    5. Let it rest: Let the sticker rest for a while to ensure that the glue sets completely.

    Follow these simple steps and enjoy your beautiful butterfly sticker on your car!

    Team Boldons

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    Butterfly Sticker

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