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    Turtle Wax tube scratch remover

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    Product description

    Turtle Wax Tube Scratch Remover is the ultimate solution for removing scratches and blemishes from your car. This advanced formula is specially designed to quickly and effectively repair light to medium scratches, leaving your vehicle looking like new again. The handy tube makes application easy and precise, while the powerful ingredients are gentle enough not to damage your paint. Turtle Wax Tube Scratch Remover gives your car a professional finish and restores shine, making it perfect for car enthusiasts who strive for a flawless appearance. Make your car scratch-free and radiant again with Turtle Wax Tube Scratch Remover!

    How do I use the Turtle Wax tube scratch remover

    Using the Turtle Wax Tube Scratch Remover is quite simple, but it is important to follow the instructions on the package for the best results. Here are the general steps you can follow:


    • Turtle Wax Tube Scratch Remover
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Clean, dry cloth


    1. Clean the surface: Make sure the surface you want to remove the scratch from is clean and dry. If necessary, use a mild cleaning agent to remove dirt and dust.

    2. Apply the scratch remover: Gently squeeze a small amount of Turtle Wax Tube Scratch Remover from the tube onto a clean, soft cloth. Apply the cream to the scratch or damaged area. Use light pressure and circular motions to evenly distribute the cream over the scratch.

    3. Polish the scratch: Continue using gentle pressure with the cloth in circular motions on the damaged area. This helps reduce the scratches by working the Turtle Wax formula into the surface. Continue polishing until the scratch becomes less visible or disappears completely.

    4. Wipe off excess cream: Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any excess cream and polish the surface for a glossy finish.

    5. Check the result: Inspect the treated area and repeat the process if necessary to further reduce the scratch.

    6. Post-treatment: After the scratch has been reduced or removed, it is advisable to clean and wax the treated area to protect the paint and restore shine.

    It is important to refer to the instructions on the specific packaging of the Turtle Wax product as exact application methods and wait times may vary based on the product's formula.

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    Turtle Wax tube scratch remover

    €9,99 EUR

    Ordered before 12 noon, shipped the same day!

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