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    Towing cable 3000KG

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    Product description

    Towing cable 3000KG 

    The Carpoint Towing Cable 3000KG is the ideal solution for safely and easily towing cars with a maximum weight of 3000 kilograms. This tow rope is designed to last and has extra strong safety hooks, making attaching the rope quick and easy.

    With a towing capacity of 3000 kilograms and a length of 3 meters, this cable is suitable for different types of cars. The diameter of the cable is 14mm, which provides extra strength and durability.

    To ensure that towing is safe, there are a number of tips that you should take into account. For example, it is important to attach both ends of the cable to the designated towing point of the car and not to the bumper. The car's owner's manual can help you find the correct mounting points.

    It is also important not to tow a car if it has defective lights, brakes and steering. In addition, the cable must always remain tight, otherwise towing can be very difficult or the cable can even break. The cable may also end up on the ground with the risk of being driven over.

    Finally, it is very important to always keep a close eye on the towing vehicle and to estimate in time when the brakes need to be applied. With the Carpoint Towing Cable 3000KG you can safely help other vehicles when they are in trouble.

    Dimensions and weight:

    Length: 3 m

    Height: 5 cm

    Depth: 5 cm

    Weight: 530 grams

    To colour):


    YouTube - How to video:

    How do you install the 3000KG towing cable?

    1. Locate the towing eyes on the front or rear of the vehicle you will be towing. Consult the vehicle manual if you are not sure where these towing eyes are located.
    2. Attach the tow rope hook to the towing eye on the front of the vehicle you want to tow. Make sure the hook is securely attached to the eye.
    3. Attach the other hook of the towing rope to the towing eye on the rear of the vehicle you intend to use for towing. Again, make sure that the hook is firmly attached to the eye.
    4. Check that both hooks are securely attached to the towing eyes. The tow rope should be tight enough so that there is no slack, but not too tight that the vehicle comes too close.
    5. Also check that the cable is not tangled or dragging on the ground, and that there is sufficient distance between vehicles for safe towing.

    By following these steps you can safely and effectively attach and use the Carpoint Towing Cable 3000KG to tow other vehicles. Don't forget to follow the tips mentioned earlier to ensure safety while towing.

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    Towing cable 3000KG

    €11,95 EUR

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