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    Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner 710ml

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    Product description

    Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner 710ml

    Meguiar's® introduces the most powerful wheel cleaner in its class, designed for safe use on any type of wheel. This advanced formula, the Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner, effortlessly combats road surface contamination and stubborn brake dust.

    With its active cleaning gel formula, brake dust is colored purple, while road surface pollution takes on a brown tint. This allows you to immediately see where the cleaner is doing its work, resulting in a visually satisfying experience.

    What makes this wheel cleaner unique? It contains no acids and is pH neutral, making it safe for use on any type of rim and aftermarket braking system. Thanks to these properties, Meguiar's® Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner provides effective cleaning without the risk of damaging your valuable rims.

    Make your rims shine again with Meguiar's® Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner, the perfect choice for safe and powerful cleaning of any type of rim.

    Dimensions and weight:

    Height: 29.5 cm

    Width: 12 cm

    Depth: 5 cm

    Weight: 0.85kg

    How do you use Meguiar's Ultimate Black ?

    1. Preparation:

      • Make sure the rim is dry before applying the Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner.
      • Do not apply the rim cleaner to a wet rim.
      • Carry out the treatment in the shade and on cooled rims.
    2. Application of the cleaner:

      • Spray a generous amount of Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner on the rim so that it is completely covered.
      • Let the product work for 2-4 minutes. Make sure it doesn't dry up.
    3. Wash down:

      • Rinse the rim with a powerful jet of water.
    4. To dry:

      • Dry the rims thoroughly to prevent limescale stains.
    5. Remark:

      • For heavily soiled rims, it may be necessary to brush the rims after applying the Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner.

    Important tips:

    • Apply the product to a dry rim for optimal results.
    • Use a Supreme Wheel Brush or Multi-Purpose Brush to properly loosen stubborn dirt from the wheels.
    • After using the rim cleaner, protect your rims with wax to prevent brake dust from sticking and making them easier to keep clean.
    • Don't forget to clean and shine your tires with tire gel or tire spray.

    Handy to use:

    • A Supreme Wheel Brush or Multi-Purpose Brush for thorough cleaning of the rims.

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      Meguiars Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner 710ml

      €17,99 EUR

      Ordered before 12 noon, shipped the same day!

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