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    License plate holder Car with edge (EU)

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    Product description

    License plate holder for the car with edge.

    What is a car license plate holder with edge?

    A black license plate holder made of plastic looks like this: The plate holder is a rectangular frame intended to present a car's license plate in a professional manner. The frame has a thickness of approximately 1 cm and is made of sturdy plastic. The frame is usually slightly narrower than the license plate and is intended to hold the license plate firmly in place. The holder is black in color and is made of plastic, making it lightweight and easy to attach to the front or back of your car.

    What are the advantages of a license plate holder?

    A license plate holder can provide a practical and aesthetic advantage for a car.

    Firstly, a license plate holder offers protection to the license plate. A car's license plate is often made of thin metal and can therefore easily be damaged or bent. By placing the license plate in a sturdy holder, it can be protected against damage. This is especially useful if you often drive on unpaved roads or if you travel long distances, where the license plate may be exposed to dust, dirt and other elements.

    In addition, a license plate holder can also offer an aesthetic advantage. If you plan to sell or rent your car, using a license plate holder can make the license plate look professional and attractive. This can increase the value of the car and help you find a buyer or renter more quickly.

    Moreover, a license plate holder can also be useful if you often park in busy parking lots or if you live in a city where it is difficult to find a parking space. Making the license plate clearly visible can help to reduce any parking problems.

    Dimensions and weight:

    Length: 52.5 cm

    Height: 13.1 cm

    Depth: 1 cm

    Weight: 160 grams

    To colour):


    YouTube - How to video:

    How do you install this license plate holder?

    To install a license plate holder, you will need the following tools:

    • Flat head screwdriver
    • Phillips screwdriver

    Then follow the steps below:

    1. Make sure you have the right holder for your license plate and car. The holder must fit the size of your license plate and the mounting points of the holder must be properly spaced to fit your car's mounting holes.
    2. Remove the old holder, if present. You do this by loosening the screws that attach the holder to the car.
    3. Place the new holder in the correct place on the car. Make sure the holder is straight and not crooked. Use screws to attach the holder to the car. Make sure the screws are tightened securely, but not so tight that they damage the holder or the car.
    4. Place your license plate in the holder and attach it with the clips. You press the license plate into the holder and make sure it clicks into place properly. Make sure that the license plate is firmly attached and cannot move or come loose while driving.
    5. Check whether everything is properly attached and whether the license plate and holder are hanging straight. If everything is fine, you're done!

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    License plate holder Car with edge (EU)

    €4,95 EUR

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