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    Ice scraper with glove - Red

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    Product description

    Ice scraper with glove - Red

    Keep your hands warm and dry while you clear the car windows of ice with the Carpoint ice scraper with glove. The comfortable glove ensures a pleasant experience even in cold conditions. The ice scraper has a planing width of 11 cm, allowing you to remove ice from car windows efficiently and quickly. Make your winter car journey comfortable and safe with this handy ice scraper.

    Dimensions and weight:

    Length: 15 cm

    Thickness: 1.5 cm

    Depth: 27 cm

    Weight: 100 Grams

    To colour):


    How do you install the Carpoint ice scraper with glove?

    Instructions for use Carpoint ice scraper with glove:

    1. Put on the glove and make sure it fits your hand properly.
    2. Take the ice scraper in your hand, with the scraper side down.
    3. Gently scrape the frozen surface of the car window with the ice scraper.
    4. Keep the glove closed to keep your hand warm and dry while scratching.
    5. Repeat the scraping motions until all the ice is removed from the car window.
    6. Check that there are no ice residues and dry the car window if necessary.

    Note: Be careful when scratching to avoid damage to the car window. The glove provides extra comfort and protects your hands against cold and moisture.

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    Ice scraper with glove - Red

    €2,99 EUR

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