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    +20 HP Sticker Car

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    Product description

    Discover our 20 HP Sticker for cars, a powerful upgrade that provides your vehicle with impressive extra horsepower. Whether you drive a van, taxi, rental car or any other type of vehicle, this sticker proudly shows that your car has been transformed with more than 20 extra horsepower under the hood.

    The 20 HP Sticker is not just an accessory, it is a statement of unprecedented power and speed. Crafted with top quality materials, this sticker not only offers durability but also continues to shine in various weather conditions. The sleek design not only adds power, but also an undeniably stylish accent to your vehicle that will draw admiring glances.

    Whether you are a passionate car enthusiast seeking the thrill of speed, or simply want to take your vehicle to the next level in performance, this 20 HP Sticker is the ultimate choice. Give your car a powerful look and experience the exciting acceleration and speed. Show that you are serious about top performance with our 20 HP Sticker.

    Dimensions and weight:

    The sticker has a diameter of 10 cm (100mm)

    To colour):

    White and black

    How do you install the +PK sticker?

    Important note: In order for our stickers to perform optimally, it is essential that they are applied correctly. Although our stickers are waterproof, car wash resistant and fade resistant, following the correct application method is crucial for long lasting and optimal adhesion.

    We recommend following the guidelines below when applying our stickers:

    1. Clean the surface thoroughly: Make sure the surface you want to apply the sticker to is clean, dry and free of dirt, oil or wax. This ensures better adhesion.
    2. Ensure a flat surface: Place the decal on a flat surface to ensure best results. Avoid areas with curves, creases or rough textures.
    3. Use the right pressure: Apply the sticker evenly with the right amount of pressure. For example, use a squeegee or credit card to smooth out any air bubbles and ensure that the sticker adheres properly.
    4. Allow it to cure: Allow sufficient time for the decal to fully cure before washing the vehicle or exposing it to extreme conditions. Refer to the instructions provided with the decal for recommended curing time.

    Although our stickers are of high quality, we cannot take responsibility for poor application or incorrect use. Make sure you follow the guidelines above to get the best results and enjoy our stickers for a long time.

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    +20 HP Sticker Car

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